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Founded in 2008, mbr-research is a Berlin based full service contractor for data science services from data strategy to data analysis.
We offer consulting and development on all questions related to business data strategy and data analysis - from big data technologies and statistical modeling of web-scale data over predictive algorithms and machine learning to condition monitoring and anomaly detection in industrial contexts.
We are technology agnostic, data driven and follow a scientific approach. Our main concern is getting to the core of your problem - and solving it.


  • Data Strategy
    We review the potential of your business' data strategy and help you improve it to stay ahead of your competition. We specify how to leverage data for your business model. Starting from the choice of data sources to warehousing technology, analyses and possible monetarization, we cover all the bases.
  • Data Analysis
    We help you explore the potential of your data for your business needs. We fast-track prototype development and integrate it into your enterprise.
  • Algorithmic Development
    We develop and customize state of the art machine learning algorithms specifically to your project, data sources and environment.
    Do you have a problem that is hard to solve? - Great, challenge us!
  • Development Review
    We provide a set of independent, critical eyes on your data analyses toolchain and machine learning algorithms, from the first development stages to assessing the quality of the results.